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eBay Watcher uses eBay Tokens

eBay watcher now supports the eBay token system, allowing us to accurately retrieve information from the eBay API more efficiently. This also helps to keep the widget functioning correctly even when eBay tinker with their systems.

So all you need to do is get yourself an eBay Token and your are ready to start using the widget.

How do I get an eBay Token?

We have tried to make getting an eBay token as simple as possible for you the user. Here is a quick step guide to creating your eBay token.

1) Download the eBay Watcher widget and flip to the back side and click the Token preference link at the top.

2) You will see two steps to follow. For a quick 'how to' refresh click the Step Instruction buttons for a recap. Click the Authorise button and this will load up eBay and ask you to sign in.

3) Sign in and the Hawk consent agreement screen will load. Press the 'Agree and Continue' button to continue. eBay will display a thank you page to confirm your token has been made. PLEASE NOTE: Do not close the Thank You page yet, leave it open and return to the eBay Watcher Widget.

4) Having left the thank you page open in the background, return to the widget and continue with Step 2. Press the "Step 2 instructions" button for a quick recap.

5) Enter your eBay User name in the box provided and click the 'Get Token' button. eBay watcher will now retrieve your token for you.

6) When the token has been obtained, you will see the expiration date in the green box at the bottom of the eBay Watcher widget. That's it, you are done. You can now use the widget and close the thank you page you left open.

PLEASE NOTE: eBay watcher uses the Developer Tools allocated by eBay. eBay Watcher Widget does not store your eBay account information. Your eBay Token is stored in your Keychain so you can remove it at any time. Depending on how busy eBay is, it can take a few minutes to retrieve the token so please be patient.

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For just $10 you can register 2 different Apple Macs! One for the home and one at the office, the choice is yours. So you can watch up to 3 auctions per widget all at once. Our demo version works with even numbered auctions only. Make sure your widget works 100% of the time by registering now!

All payments are via PayPal

You will need your serial number before registering (see opposite)

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