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eBay Watcher Screen Shots

Tabbed system for up to 4 auctions at a time. Clickable title takes you to the auction.
Built in scroller allows you to see more. Zoom button shows you larger image
eBay Watcher 4 allows you to see your current My eBay items.
So now you don't have to visit the eBay website to see your auctions.
eBay Watcher 4 now has a built in search function, results are displayed within the widget.
Configure your search to suit your needs, you can choose: eBay Store, Category, the total number of results to display and whether to search Titles and Descriptions.
Choose your refresh time, eBay Store, sound alerts,
Growl screen alerts, update checker and Load on Startup.
eBay Watcher 4 uses eBay's secure Tokens. Your eBay account information
is not stored or collected by eBay Watcher.

Register eBay Watcher
2 for only $10
For just $10 you can register 2 different Apple Mac's! One for the home and one at the office, the choice is yours. So you can watch up to 3 auctions per widget all at once. Our demo version works with even numbered auctions only. Make sure your widget works 100% of the time by registering now!

All payments are via PayPal

You will need your serial number before registering (see opposite)

Please see our how to register guide before continuing

eBay Watcher Success

We are pleased to announce that Ebay Watcher has been included in Apple Staffs Favorite list. We are glad you like it Apple.

Ebay Watcher hit Apple's top 50 widget download chart, going in at number 45. Click below for a screen shot

Ebay Watcher requires Dashboard which comes free with Mac OSX 10.4: Tiger

eBay Watcher Help Section
How to use the widget.

Create your eBay Token
A simple step by step guide

An eBay certified product
fully supported by eBay...

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