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eBay Watcher Features

Watch up to 4 eBay auctions at a time by searching for the eBay Item number.
View your My eBay Watching, Bidding, Items won & Selling Sold, Unsold and Didn't Win lists. Also the ability to load an item from a My eBay list into an auction tab.
eBay Watcher uses secure eBay Tokens.
Search eBay stores with the widgets built in search engine.
The auction title and feedback rating are links that will bring up the correct eBay page.
View the price whether it's the Current bid, Starting bid or Winning bid.
You hear a chime when the auction price changes, even if you aren't in Dashboard.
Buy it now price is indicated if there is one.
Choose your refresh time and international eBay store.
Dynamic Timer will adjust the refresh rate depending on the time left. See description in How To section on the back of eBay Watcher.
See a picture of the item if there is one.
Clicking the zoom button now allows you to see a larger image.
Seller and Buyer feedback stars and ratings displayed.
Built in scroll bar to view various information including ID of current high bidder if any, ID of Seller, Bid history, Start time, Item location and Shipping cost.
If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel you can use it with the widget.
Resizeable vertically to fit more on screen.
Growl support to display alerts for price changes, auction ending and auction ended.
The update checker can be set to allow the widget to check for updates automatically.
Label localisation for international users added for: Spanish, Italian, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. (Italian Translation by Nicola "ATMB" Del Monaco)
The Load On Startup option allows you to reload your last watched items automatically after you shut down or restart your Mac. Manual refresh also available.
Clear an entire tab of auction details leaving it ready to watch a new item.
A How To section provides help, instruction and information on using the widget.
eBay Watcher is universal so it will work natively on an Intel or PowerPC based Mac.
World clock allows you to display the actuall time where your auction is taking place.

Register eBay Watcher
2 for only $10
For just $10 you can register 2 different Apple Mac's! One for the home and one at the office, the choice is yours. So you can watch up to 3 auctions per widget all at once. Our demo version works with even numbered auctions only. Make sure your widget works 100% of the time by registering now!

All payments are via PayPal

You will need your serial number before registering (see opposite)

Please see our how to register guide before continuing

eBay Watcher Help Section
How to use the widget.

Create your eBay Token
A simple step by step guide

An eBay certified product
fully supported by eBay...

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