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Demo version details:
The demo, or unregistered, version works with only even numbered auctions. It will either show you the auction details, or it will display a Please Register message. Registering the widget guarantees 100% working all of the time.

eBay Watcher uses new code to work with eBay's API and requires you to create an eBay Token to use the widget. Please note, we do not collect or store your eBay information during the Token setup procedure.

Version 4.1.9 - refreshed July 14th, 2011

Uses eBay Tokens. eBay Watcher does not store or collect any of your eBay user information.

If you wish to register eBay Watcher, make a note of your serial number and click the button opposite.

Download eBay Watcher Growl Style

We decided that we would supply a simple Growl style that you can choose to use with eBay Watcher. Simply download and extract the Growl Style and then double click it to install automatically. You need to have Growl installed before you can use our style.

Version 1.0

Widget Version History

ebay Watcher 4.1.9
1) Minor bugs fixed.

ebay Watcher 4.1.8
1) Changed to eBay Shopping APIs for search.

ebay Watcher 4.1.7
1) Fixed status bug for Auction tabs.

ebay Watcher 4.1.6
1) Changed My eBay categories won, Sold and Unsold, to show the end date.
2) Added refresh time for My eBay tab.
3) Addded totals for Won and Sold.

ebay Watcher 4.1.5
1) Updated for Mac OS X 10.5 compatibility.

ebay Watcher 4.1.4
1) Added a button to copy Token into 'My eBay' app for iPhone.

ebay Watcher 4.1.3
1) URESTAPI token bug fixed.

eeBaybay Watcher 4.1.2
1) Updated eBay API updated to the latest version.
2) Modified get token process ofr native iPhone application.

eBay Watcher 4.1.1
1) Fixed a serious bug that would prevent My eBay lists from loading.
2) Fixed a bug for display characters in My eBay listings.

eBay Watcher 4.1
1) Added a new My eBay tab to the reverse of the widget allowing you to choose additional My eBay listings.
2) Ability to shrink widgets height to display only the item number.

eBay Watcher 4.0
1) Whole new design and navigation with 3 tab systems.
2) Ability to watch up to 4 auctions.
3) Individual Status display for each auction, My eBay listings and search.
4) All new search tab with results displayed within the widget.
5) Moved over to Apple Animation Classes.
6) Minor bug fixes.

eBay Watcher 3.2
1) Added support for My eBay Selling. Title, time left, current price and number of bids displayed.
2) Added ability to add an item to an auction tab from a My eBay list
3) Widget size is now saved in preference file.<br>

eBay Watcher 3.1.1
1) Fixed a bug when there is no shipping cost information on fixed price purchase.

eBay Watcher 3.1
1) Added support for My eBay - Watching, Bidding and Items Won.

eBay Watcher 3.0.1
1) The item number field for Auction 2 and 3 now accept 12 digits.
2) Fixed bug that causes the No Connection error.

eBay Watcher 3.0
Now an eBay certified product. eBay Watcher now uses the eBay API with secure eBay Tokens.

eBay Watcher 2.6
1) Fixed eBay stores code to work with the new eBay calls.
2) Fixed bug when the starting price does not display if there is a Buy It Now price.
3) Fixed bug when the dynamic timer continuously runs if the auction has no end time.
4) Added Daylight Saving Time option to World Clock.

eBay Watcher 2.5
1) Added World clock.
2) Added Website link to How To tab.
3) Added Version History to About Us tab.
4) Added End time listing.

eBay Watcher 2.4
1) Added mouse scroll wheel support.
2) Fixed eBay.com (US) code to work with the new calls.

eBay Watcher 2.3
1) Added widget resizing option.
2) Added image zoom option.
3) Added dynamic timer for automatic updating of the refresh time to a quicker speed nearer the end of an auction.
4) Added clear auction tab option.
5) Fixed automatic update bug.
6) Fixed bug on case sensitive file systems.

eBay Watcher 2.2
1) Load On Startup option added.
2) label localisation for Spanish, Italian, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese added.
3) Manual refresh added and 'OFF' option added to refresh timer.
4) Universal Plugin for Intel and PowerPC Mac's.
5) Fixed registration for iMac Core Duo.

eBay Watcher 2.1
1) Slight front design change and completely redesigned back.
2) Added option to check for updates
3) Added Growl support.
4) Selectable sounds and option to turn off.
5) Clickable feedback rating added.
6) Fixed a bug that when logged into eBay, bidding on an item you are watching stopped displaying some content.
7) Fixed a bug where a replacement logicboard will not display the Mac's serial number.
8) Fixed image ratio bug.

eBay Watcher 2.0
1) Now shareware with built in registration system.
2) Added more eBay content including Bid History, Item Location, Feedback, Shipping and more.
3) Added tab system and scrolling.
4) Added sound alert on auction price change.
5) Added Bid Now button and Buy It Now indicators and prices if available.
6) Made the International and refresh options part of the preferences.

eBay Watcher 1.4
1) Label changes with content.

eBay Watcher 1.3
1) New code incorporating eBay V3 and MSXML 4.0.

eBay Watcher 1.2.2
1) eBay Internationalisation stores added.

eBay Watcher 1.2.1
1) Minor bug fix for auctions of more than ten bids.
2) Minor bug for invalid item.

eBay Watcher 1.2
1) Added Picture of Auction Item.

eBay Watcher 1.1
1) Artwork updated.

eBay Watcher 1.0
1) Initial release.

Register eBay Watcher
2 for only $10
For just $10 you can register 2 different Apple Mac's! One for the home and one at the office, the choice is yours. So you can watch up to 3 auctions per widget all at once. Our demo version works with even numbered auctions only. Make sure your widget works 100% of the time by registering now!

All payments are via PayPal

You will need your serial number before registering (see opposite)

Please see our how to register guide before continuing

eBay Watcher Help Section
How to use the widget.

Create your eBay Token
A simple step by step guide

An eBay certified product
fully supported by eBay...

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